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White Mountain National Forest

Champney Brook Trail

When the offer came to work in the White Mountains of New Hampshire, the crew was excited. “The Whites” have always been associated with some of the most extraordinary hiking opportunities in the United States - offering dramatic terrain and incredible vistas. In the fall of 2013, the United States Forest Service approached the Rovers to rebuild a section of the Champney Brook Trail on the way up Mount Chocorua. The first portion of the trail takes visitors to several amazing waterfalls and, as a result, gets the most traffic by casual hikers with children.


This particular section of the trail was not holding up well: water bars on the steep slope were regularly getting washed out causing erosion to spread more quickly every year. To create a more sustainable and accessible solution, 25 of our volunteers traveled for two consecutive long weekends (a total of 6 working days) in August of 2014.  The granite found onsite was not only abundant but very agreeable to split and shape, allowing our crew to work efficiently and with impeccible results. On the 6th day, a total of 26 stone steps and 30 feet of stone crib wall had been constructed at the main trail junction for the falls. In such a beautiful location, with the magnificant White Mountains available for use in our recreational hours, we could not have asked for a better trip.

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