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Harriman State Park

Arden Surebridge Trail

The Arden Surebridge Trail is one of the earliest trails that was laid out in Harriman State Park . The park itself, only 30 miles north of Manhattan, has been one of the most highly visited in New York State for decades. In 2014, New York’s Office of Parks, Recreation and Historic Preservation determined that the beginning of the Arden Surebridge Trail needed a reroute. To help accomplish this, Tahawus Trails LLC  invited the Jolly Rovers to rebuild the entrance of the trail at the parking lot for Lake Skannatatti, which would serve as the beginning of the new trail route.


Over the course of 2 trips in the Fall of 2014, a team of 12 Jolly Rover volunteers quarried stone over 300 feet away and flew it into position via overhead high lines. The finished product of 12 stone steps can easily be seen from the parking area and now serves as a hub for hikers getting ready to depart a day of hiking.

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