A Pirate's Life: Why We Raise Our Flag

We proudly fly our variation of the Jolly Roger over each project in every community we serve. It’s a symbol of our loyal crew. It’s a symbol of the camaraderie that brings us to the trail head every season. Some folks say that the pirate affiliation might give folks the wrong idea about us, but it got us thinking: maybe they have the wrong idea about the pirates who sailed the caribbean. The romanticized myth of pirates in the Caribbean can be a tough pill to swallow. At the heart of it, they were thieves that used fear and when necessary, violence, to steal at sea. So why the relatively positive spin over the last few decades? Books and movies have played their part, but only because certa

The Rovers Announce RSA Recipients

On March 12th, the rovers held their annual meeting at the Captain Lawrence Brewing Company in Elmsford, NY. As crew members gathered, the warehouse slowly began filling with laughter and warmth from those proudly wearing the rover colors. After a brief break for the winter season, this group of lovable volunteer trail builders picked up like no time had passed. The banter stretched across the room through old and new stories, and the group welcomed friends and guests with jokes and tales from years prior. As we approached the end of the evening, the team reeled in around the figurative campfire for a briefing of what 2016 would mean for the Jolly Rovers Trail Crew. There was much to be disc

Introducing more ways to follow your favorite trail crew!

If your a fan of this jolly crew of stoneworkers, then you're in luck. This year we've been working to implement new communication methods so that finding us on the web is just as easy as finding us on the trail! Take a look at how you can stay up to date on what the Rovers are working on this season. THE JOLLY ROVER BLOG Our blog gives fans and donors the opportunity to see, in real time, the scope and size of the projects that we are working on. Over the next season, you can expect videos, photos and articles about the challenges, successes and, of course, cammraderie that comes with the nature of every project. Interested in getting updates? We've got you covered. Feel free to subscribe t

In The Bog...Building Boardwalk

July 17-20: "I'm going to be late getting to Connecticut today," the trucker said... I'm still driving through Tennessee..." As the crew of 5 arrived at Ridgefield, Connecticut's Ives Trail to begin work on a stretch of puncheon (aka timber bog bridging) this news came over the phone. This was quite unfortunate, because the aforementioned trucker driving through Tennessee was supposed to be in Connecticut... with our timber, which was apparently still sit ting where we staged it in New York. Someday's, Murphy's Law proves particularly unrelenting... In a scramble to save the work day crew leader Artie Hidalgo came to the rescue. Not scheduled to be on this trip, he was thankfully still in NY

Journey Into The Whites: Rovers return to work the great White Mountains

August 14-24 - The cars began to pull into the field at around 2pm. Right off the Kancamagus Highway in Conway, New Hampshire, Jolly Rover crew members from NY, NJ, PA and CT assembled to meet with their NH brothers and sisters for their 3rd annual long distance trip up north. Vehicle after vehicle was unloaded; the kitchen shelters were erected, coolers organized, firewood gathered, showers set up, tents pitched, privy dug, camp duties assigned and within a few hours... Camp Rover was fully operational. "You guys are like a roaming village!" One Forest Service employee joked upon entering the camp, and after a quick tour, we got to reviewing the upcoming weeks work plan while the rest of th

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