New Recruits Take the Black

"Working with the Rovers I found a great group of people doing extraordinary things in beautiful places." -Adam Mackiwiez, Rover Recruit Joining the Rovers has always been a journey for every person that chooses to enlist and wear "the colors." Starting every April, a select group of recruits begin that journey with 2 consecutive weekends of training and continue on to their apprenticeship afterwards. The reasons for joining are always personal to that individual, and that individual is always unique, bringing with them their own stories and history. Nate Lau hails from Manhattan and is a content director for a digital media company who also teaches Kung Fu on the side. "I was very impressed

Traversing the Gorge - New Project Launches

In 2017 public access to most of the Mianus River Gorge's landmark sites was lost due to a property dispute. The result of this closure resulted in a complete cut off to most of the preserves iconic sites including the Gorge Overlook, Havemeyer Falls (pictured above), and Bargh Reservoir. In order to regain access a new link via the Old Growth Forest trail must be constructed in very challenging terrain across a steep scree slope utilizing extensive sections of stone retaining walls and staircases. Once completed, access would be restored to the 10,000+ visitors the preserve sees every year. Located in Bedford, NY, the Mianus River Gorge holds a special place in the world of conservation. No

Rover Renewal - Annual Kick Off Party a Success

It was a cold and cloudy day, but that did not deter the Jolly Rovers Trail Crew from coming out of hibernation to think about spring. On Saturday April 7th, more than half of the crew’s 41 members gathered at Industrial Arts Brewery in Rockland County to welcome new board members, hear about work projects for the season, share a meal, and meet the youngest members of the crew. During the business meeting, Board Chair Andy Wong summarized the annual report and nominated two new board members to broaden the skill and scope of the board, bringing board membership up to seven. Next up, Executive Director Chris Ingui announced that the upcoming season holds 11 full crew trips to 2 major project

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