Lenape Steps Underway

The Lenape Steps project is our most challenging project yet. Learn more about why, and what to expect when you visit the completed project.

Welcome New Board Member Leigh Draper!

In June of 2019, Leigh Draper joined the Rovers’ Board of Directors. Leigh met the Jolly Rovers when they descended upon Teatown to provide a very early version of access to iconic places. The crew transformed one of the most loved trails at Teatown. The stairs were an immediate attraction, and Leigh noted that she had to convince some long time trail users that the steps had not been there forever. The Rovers returned to Teatown for several more projects, and Leigh grew to appreciate the attention to detail and tenacious work ethic members bring to every project. On the crew esprit, she noted, "I love how much the members enjoy each other’s company and are eager to share what they do with n

Welcome New Board Member L. Nichols!

L. heard about the Jolly Rovers the old-fashioned way – through a Google search for 'trail crews Hudson Valley'. He had volunteered for the NYNJTC before to adopt a trail in the Catskills, and later in Fahnestock State Park, but wanted to work with a group. L. hadn't done anything as technical as what the Rovers do, and was excited to learn the craft of stone work. L. enjoys the work of the Rovers – especially setting steps - but the people on the crew are what keeps him coming back. In his words, “people are what has made the whole experience more meaningful than just the knowledge that we're installing structures that will last. Having people you can trust and rely on in both a personal an

Sharing Our Skills: Artie Hidalgo and the Trail Builders

In 2015, Artie Hidalgo decided he wasn't busy enough. After retiring from the MTA five years earlier, he began increasing the amount of time he volunteered with local groups near his Poughkeepsie home. As a founding member of the Jolly Rovers Trail Crew (jollyrovers.org), he already dedicated significant time building stone steps in iconic public places around the Hudson Valley - including at Mohonk Preserve in the Shawangunk Mountains. While working on a project at Mohonk, Artie met staff at the Preserve and discovered an unmet need: existing trail maintenance volunteers didn't have experience with building trail structures. In 2016, Artie (center, above) began leading Mohonk Volunteers by

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