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Teatown Lake Reservation - Wildflower Woods Path

Project: Access for Education  

The Teatown Lake Reservation is known as a place for families and schools to bring their children for a day of walking and education. Situated in Ossining, it's 1,000 acre's offer nature camps and environmental education programs enhance children’s knowledge of ecology and the importance of preserving it. In the fall of 2012 the Rovers were approached by Teatown to construct a new entrance from their parking lot and visitor center to their lake and educational trails surrounding it.

To accomplish this, native stone was harvested onsite and flown into position via high lines and at times, towed uphill with a motorized capstan winch. Our volunteers spent a total of 12 days shaping, maneuvering and installing the stones through a boulder field to achieve this. Completed in May of 2014, with a total of 70 stone steps, 40 square feet of stone crib wall and 3 stone benches overlooking the lake, the entrance trail now provides easy and sustainable access for Teatown’s patrons and students.

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