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Sam's Point Preserve - Ice Caves Trail

Ice and Fire

Days prior to our first scheduled trip in April of 2016 we received news that a forest fire was raging through the Preserve.  Needless to say, the trip was called off and upon our return in June we were stunned to drive through and see the 2,000 acres of charred pitch pine forest on our way to the work site. Nevertheless, despite the destruction, new life was already beginning to flourish through the soil as we made our way to the Ice Caves. 

Despite the fire, recovery efforts took effect quickly and we were proud to be a part of the solution as we tackled a partial renovation of the very popular Ice Caves trail. Taking visitors through a series of chilly caves, chasms and overlooks, the 0.5 mile loop trail attraction has been popular throughout the century even back when the property was run as a roadside attraction known as Ice Cave Mountain.    

There were no shortage of logistical challenges with this site set deep within one of the chasms (see blog posts below) and in the end it certainly tested the crews resolve to see it through. 

This project is part of an ongoing effort to make additional improvements throughout the Ice Caves Trail, so stay tuned for updates.   


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