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Trail Building
Getting a Crew

Given the limits of time and person power, the Jolly Rovers accept a limited amount of projects each year that focus on providing sustainable access to iconic places in New York State parks and forests. If you have a heavily trafficked attraction in your area such as a waterfall, lake, vista or historic site that is in need of improved access, then our teams may be a great fit for your park's needs. Once submitted, a staff person will be in touch to schedule a site visit so that we can assess:

1. Safety issues that the project will correct.

2. The amount of use the trail in question gets or will get.

3. Ecological damage that the project will mitigate.

Afterwards, if we feel the project is a good fit our mission, a quote will be provided for our services to see it through to completion. Questions regarding potential projects can be sent to


Since all our trail builders are volunteers, our availability may be limited to weekends and our schedule tends to fill up rather quickly. As a result, we ask for as much lead time as possible. While we cannot guarantee that all requests will be able to get scheduled, we promise to work with you to the best of our ability to make your project a reality. If we are unable to schedule a trip that meets your time needs, we will do our best to connect you with other organizations and professional trail building companies

Camping Accomodations

Part of the Jolly Rover experience is being able to camp out on or near our worksites, this allows for less travel time, more productive work days, and for the camaraderie between our crew members to be fostered.  While campsites with facilities are wonderful and much appreciated, we do not require such accommodations to schedule a trip. Anywhere we can pitch our tents near the worksite, build a campfire, and have access to a water source will do providing we are legally allowed to do so. All Jolly Rover campsites are Leave No Trace.

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