The Lenape Steps

A Historic Ascent,


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History: Faded but Not Forgotten

In 1858 Thomas Botsford erected the Sam's Point Mountain House to provide access to one of the Hudson Valley's most visited and iconic destinations. Situated just beneath the cliffs of Sam's Point, he would install a flight of stone steps inside a stone chasm which would connect the hotel to the incredible view above. In 1862 the hotel would burn down in a tragic fire; nevertheless, the steps and view would remain, attracting visitors for the next century.  


By the 1960s however, the staircase was in significant disrepair, as a century of freezing and thawing had undermined the structure. At this time the staircase had come to be known as the "Indian Steps", after the Lenape Nation of Native Americans which inhabited the territory until the 18th century. Increasingly unsafe and unattractive to park patrons, the route has remained an unofficial route in what is now the Minnewaska State Park Preserve of NY. Overgrown but not forgotten, The Jolly Rovers, in partnership with the Palisades Interstate Park Commission, are ready to put this historic ascent back on the map. 

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Project: Rediscovery Through Restoration

The Lenape Steps are ready to rejoin the pantheon of iconic attractions in the Hudson Valley.  Our teams of volunteers, alongside our staff, will be crafting and installing each stone by hand inside the chasm to restore this historic ascent to ensure it will last for many centuries to come.  

Each stone will be sustainably harvested within the park, transported to the top of the cliff, and deployed into the narrow chasm using a custom built timber ramp rigging system and a 'sky hook'.  With these large slabs of stone (Shawangunk conglomerate), the Lenape Steps will blend the primitive with the polished. Stone work will only display naturally weathered surfaces with placement emphasizing natural shape by integrating them into the rugged features around them. The final product will provide an incredibly dramatic experience that will ultimately reveal the breathtaking view atop Sam's Point. 

Construction began in July 2019 and will continue through the spring of 2021.  Watch the video below to see our volunteers apply their craft at one of our previous sites in the Minnewaska State Park Preserve... Stony Kill Falls! 



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Back on the Map!

To make a donation toward this project, please visit our 'Donate' page.

For information about becoming a business sponsor, please contact Business Administrator Linda Shekita at

If you are interested in visiting the crew in action, contact our Project Coordinator Roch Boucher at



"The Lenape Steps Project is the perfect culmination of spirit and skill that the Rovers have been nurturing for the past 9 years, and couldn't be a better capstone for a project that will take us through our 10th anniversary in 2020. To have such a location as our canvas for design is an honor that we embrace with every stone we set."


“The Palisades Interstate Park Commission is pleased to be partnering with the Jolly Rovers Trail Crew to restore the historic Lenape Steps at the Sam’s Point Area of Minnewaska State Park Preserve. This rock staircase will enhance the patrons' experience at the iconic Sam’s Point overlook, one of the highest places in the Shawangunk Mountains.”  



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