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Minnewaska State Park - Gertrude's Nose Approach

Gertrude Nose splitting class 8643_edited.jpg
Bringing a Most-used Trail to more visitors

The Jolly Rover Trail Crew has been hard at work on a restoration project on the Gertrude's Nose Approach trail since 2022.  The crew is dramatically upgrading the route to the spectacular Gertrude’s Nose overlook at Minnewaska State Park Preserve, NY -- installing more than 75 stone steps and additional stabilizing rock for improved access, safety, and durability.


The Jolly Rovers have acquired a strong reputation for delivering premiere trail maintenance projects at low expense for local, state, and non-profit partners and is known for numerous portfolio achievements in the northeastern US.

Minnewaska State Park offers a back country feel within 1.5 hours of New York City, and receives more than half a million visitors annually.  The Rovers’ project to Gertrude’s Nose will improve the most popular hiking trail in the park, now serving more than 50,000 visitors annually.

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