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Introducing more ways to follow your favorite trail crew!

If your a fan of this jolly crew of stoneworkers, then you're in luck. This year we've been working to implement new communication methods so that finding us on the web is just as easy as finding us on the trail! Take a look at how you can stay up to date on what the Rovers are working on this season.



Our blog gives fans and donors the opportunity to see, in real time, the scope and size of the projects that we are working on. Over the next season, you can expect videos, photos and articles about the challenges, successes and, of course, cammraderie that comes with the nature of every project.

Interested in getting updates? We've got you covered. Feel free to subscribe to recieve bi-

monthly emails of our top stories. Your impressive knowledge of the Jolly Rover Trail Crew will make you the envy of all your friends.


Over the years there's been a lot of buzz about updating our site, and your feedback has been heard! We've been working on a complete remodel that will make as fasionable as it is informative. Whether you want to take a view our past projects, or simply make a donation, you'll cruise the navigation of our website with ease.

So what are you waiting for? Click Here to browse!


Already Like us on Facebook? Now there are other ways that you can follow the Jolly Rovers on social media. This year we will be launching pages on Instagram and Twitter in an effort to bring you the most up to date notifications. You can even find out where to visit us on the trail - just be sure to #jollyrovers on your way out!

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