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The Rovers Announce RSA Recipients

On March 12th, the rovers held their annual meeting at the Captain Lawrence Brewing Company in Elmsford, NY. As crew members gathered, the warehouse slowly began filling with laughter and warmth from those proudly wearing the rover colors.

After a brief break for the winter season, this group of lovable volunteer trail builders picked up like no time had passed. The banter stretched across the room through old and new stories, and the group welcomed friends and guests with jokes and tales from years prior. As we approached the end of the evening, the team reeled in around the figurative campfire for a briefing of what 2016 would mean for the Jolly Rovers Trail Crew.

There was much to be discussed for this year, and it was all greeted in true rover fashion: littered with uproarious laughter, and wild interruptions. An official announcement of our recently gained 501(c)3 status filled the room with cheer and applause. Indeed, a massive triumph for an organization that has been offering charitable services for five years prior to the status. But even with the attainment of this milestone, the anticipation with the group was building. What exciting places are the Jolly Rovers working this season? Where will we leave our mark this year?

And you, as the reader, must be a bit curious as well. After all, the title of the post is “The Rovers Announce RSA Recipients”, not “Old Friends have a Blast in a Brewery” (we did). So without further adieu, congratulations are in order for the following four organizations that will receive the Rover Service Award:


Mohonk Preserve Visitor Center

Foothills Trail

This year, we will be doing a beautiful, 22-step stone staircase on the foothills trail connecting a large state camp site to the Preserve's new vistior center.


Hudson Highlands State Park

Undercliff Trail

A high accessed trail near breakneck ridge, this particular section proves difficult for hikers. We will be working on the steepest sections in need of stonework to make it safer for those passing through.


Minnewaska State Park

The Ice Caves at Sam's Point Preserve

This beautiful canyon between the caves is in need of maintenance. The anticipated 25 step staircase is sure to be the Rover's greatest challenge yet!

Stony Kill Falls

Those who are keen on seeing this natural wonder have had to veer off trail, leading to some serious safety issues. Saving the day once, the Rovers, in conjunction with Tahawus Trails LLC and other organizations, will be constructing the first official trail that includes numerous stone staircases, turnpikes, stone paving, and a bridge that safely leads visitors to the falls and connects them to the carriage road above.



Mount Monadnock

White Dot Trail

As the most hiked mountain in the United States (second most hiked in the world), the Rovers are excited to make our mark. This year we will be traveling to New Hampshire to work on a tremendously trafficked, deeply eroded section of the White Dot Trail.

Thank You to all of those organizations who have applied for the Rover Service Award, and to those individuals who have contributed donations to make programs like these possible.

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