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Coming Soon: More Access to the Lenoir Preserve

During the weekend of May 14-15, a splinter crew of 6 Rovers joined forces with volunteers from the Westchester Parks Foundation (WPF) to continue work on a new entrance to the Lenoir Preserve in Yonkers, NY.

Picking up from where we left off last Fall, local volunteers from the WPF were trained in timber step construction through the project which consists of 21 steps and stone paving. This new entrance will serve to link the preserve to the very popular Old Croton Aquaduct State Historic Park.

Funded by a grant from REI through the Westchester Parks Foundation, the goal of this project is threefold in providing training to local volunteers, creating sustainable trail access and increasing awareness of the preserve itself. The project is scheduled for completion on June 4-5 where the last steps will be installed and revegetation of the surrounding area (previously damaged by erosion) will take place.

Be sure to visit us on the trail, or stop by the Lenoir Preserve this summer to take a look at the finished product. And as always - Stay tuned for more updates on this project!

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