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Rovers Launch New Program

Exciting News! This year we have partnered with Manitoga/ The Russel Wright Design Center to revive the historic woodland paths built by famed American industrial designer, Russel Wright.

The "Stewards of Stonework" program will aim to restore historic stone pathways and create sustainable access to historic sites. To launch this program, the Rovers will be restoring Wright's Killalemy trail at the National Historic Landmark of Manitoga by reviving all stone stairways and tread surfaces so that it compliments and adheres to the overall aesthetic vision left by Wright.

The scope of this project at a distance seems simple, yet upon delving into the work our crew has discovered challenges not yet dealt with in our history of traditional trail work. This challenge is also part of the fun for us in launching the program. Therefore, we will be devoting a special portion of our website to our progress. Feel free to click the link below to find out more about this program!

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