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Success at the Mohonk Preserve

The Rovers kicked off the season by completing a 26-step staircase at Mohonk Preserve.

As part of our Rover Service Award, a program designed to provide selected qualifying organizations trail work at zero costs, about 30 Rovers arrived at the preserve on April 23rd to create a beautiful passage between their visitor’s center and newly established campgrounds. The completion of this large project in just two days was impressive, but as a bonus, this trip marked the first Full-Crew commitment of the season.

In addition to building stone structures, the Jolly Rovers are adept and building camaraderie – and this trip was no different. Tall tales and stories from prior years will dominated at the campfire and the crew bonded over dinner and a hard day’s work. New trainees, in addition to being taught stone rigging and stone setting, were welcomed into the Rover community.

By the evening of April 24th, the Jolly Rovers Trail Crew left behind a beautiful stone staircase for the Mohonk Preserve, and reeled in an Earth Day celebration by bringing home new friendships and teammates .

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