Reviving What's "Wright"

Reviving the designs of a person who is no longer around to guide you can be challenging, but as we found out, it can also be quite rewarding.

For 8 months throughout 2016 we revitalized Russel Wright's woodland path, the Killalemy Trail, at the National Historic Site of Manitoga. It's been an exploratory journey in understanding the personal intent of a designer who is sadly, no longer with us. Through a series of 12 projects on Wright's Killalemy Trail, our purpose has been to revive the historic stonework so that it is not only sustainable, but revived in the spirit of Wright's aesthetic.

Revived section of Wright pathway

Implementing this vision has certainly been a process of discovery on our end. Having the intent of another guiding you when they are no longer there to express it themselves makes you slow down, think twice, and step back to reflect more often. This hasn't been a bad thing; rather, it's helped to evolve our own way of looking at the