Work Till Winter Comes

The Jolly Rovers returned to the Appalachian Trail for a fourth time at Clarence Fahnestock Memorial State Park for the final trip of the 2016 season, refining a steep section of trail on the rocky highlands east of the Hudson River.

The Rover’s collaboration with the Ralph’s Peak Hikers Cabin Volunteer Club, has gone back to 2012. The humble ascent just off the Cold Spring Turnpike in Hopewell, NY serves as an interesting slideshow of the Rovers’ progress in the last 5 years. The original span of steps was installed in 2012, functional and utilitarian, the steps have carried countless hikers in their journey through New York. Three years later, the Rovers returned for a full crew trip to Fahnestock state park, installing a flowing set of steps that serve as an attractive gateway towards Canopus Lake.