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Jolly Rover class of 2017 and Instructors

As the skillset of the Jolly Rovers grows, so does its roster. Every organization thrives on the diversity of its constituents and we are no different, new blood helps to broaden the horizons of The Crew.

Three years ago I stepped trepidatiously into Jolly Rovers Spring Training, the trees had yet to fully bud and the April sun was beating through the barren canopy with solstice force. Shoulder to shoulder with a retired beer connoisseur, IT professional from Kazakhstan, New York state elementary school teacher, and Bermudian personal assistant, we donned our hard hats for the very first time and struck Earth. It was the first time my wife and I had ever set foot in that part of Wawayanda State Park but we left with a sunburn, aching muscles, and a feeling of unusual accomplishment that still makes us grin to this day.