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New Ascent for the Underprivileged

This past June we partnered with the Westchester Parks Foundation to transform a section of Mountain Lakes Park in North Salem, NY. The park is home to Camp Morty, an extension of the Foundation that works with Westchester Counties Department of Social Services to provide underprivileged children with an authentic summer camp experience. The Rovers were called in to provide access to a high ropes adventure courses at the top of the camps property. Involving over 70 timber steps, over 1,000 hours would be contributed in their manufacturing and installation throughout the month as the staircase weaved through the hilly woodland.

Completed the day before camp began, the very next day we had the privilege of seeing our work go from unused by anyone but us, to used all day by campers off to have their first experience in a climbing harness to feel airborne.

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