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Welcome New Board Member Leigh Draper!

In June of 2019, Leigh Draper joined the Rovers’ Board of Directors. Leigh met the Jolly Rovers when they descended upon Teatown to provide a very early version of access to iconic places. The crew transformed one of the most loved trails at Teatown. The stairs were an immediate attraction, and Leigh noted that she had to convince some long time trail users that the steps had not been there forever. The Rovers returned to Teatown for several more projects, and Leigh grew to appreciate the attention to detail and tenacious work ethic members bring to every project. On the crew esprit, she noted, "I love how much the members enjoy each other’s company and are eager to share what they do with new members and the public."

After working closely with the Rovers at Teatown, Leigh was excited to join the Board this year. In her words, "I hope to support the growth of the crew as a successful non-profit organization in ways that do not compromise the crew’s high level of craftsmanship and the personal camaraderie built through this unique and valuable work." She also appreciated that the Rovers are open and inviting to anyone interested in volunteering.

Leigh grew up in eastern Kentucky, but has called the Catskills and the Hudson Valley home for over 20 years. Through her thirty-year career in outdoor recreation and environmental stewardship, Leigh has demonstrated a commitment to connecting people to nature, particularly youth, and encouraging people to play, learn, serve and work in the outdoors. During her free time, you may find her playing bluegrass, and working to make her yard 'more natural habitat and less lawn'. Welcome, Leigh!

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