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We offer our four core training days every April and May to those volunteers interested in joining the Jolly Rovers. We also make these workshops available for a fee to any organization that wishes to improve the skill sets of their own staff and volunteers. 


Through these workshops, our instructors will offer a valuable perspective to volunteers and staff alike. All of our volunteers know what it's like to step foot on a trail project with no prior experience. In fact, this is how all of us began our personal journey in the craft.  We know what it feels like to see a daunting project, communicate ideas and rally together to accomplish what, at first, seems impossible. In this way, the Rovers aim to train others - not just in how to build with stone, but to build camaraderie through that constructive process. 


Our volunteer trainers consist of our most experienced leaders. By having at least 3 years of experience in the field and 2 years of experience leading projects (under the apprenticeship of our instructors), crew members are then permitted to helm the training of volunteers for other organizations.  To keep skills fresh, further education is provided throughout the year to all our members. This practice reinforces skill sets and keeps them up to date with the most efficient and safest practices.

Levers and Leverage
Splitting and Shaping
Rigging Essentials
Stone Setting
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