Discovering Manitoga

If you live in southern New York or New Jersey, the chances are you’ve heard of Bear Mountain, Breakneak Ridge and Cold Spring. These popular destination spots are ideal for pent-up city dwellers wanting to get a taste of the outdoors, but a lesser known gem exists right at their doorstep. Manitoga/The Russel Wright Design Center is home to three miles of trails that will change the way you view a traditional hike.

When walking the trails of the property, one immediately gets the sense that this is a hike unlike any other. The contour of the land bends and pulls you into discovering one mystery after another. The blankets of moss and ferns lure you to suggested themes and natural dramas, and the idea of getting lost is prefaced with a sense of excitement rather than fear. Conscious of every step, you find yourself happening upon a myriad of views, verandas, and clearings – each filling you with more emotion than the last.

It’s hard to believ